What to Remember When Choosing Rugby Hoodies


Rugby hoodies can keep your team comfortable and warm in between play and can also proudly show off your team's emblem and colors when worn throughout the day. A hoodie can also protect a player from the rain and, in turn, actually protect their health when on the playing field. When you're ready to shop for rugby hoodies for your team or are looking for something personalized just to have as a fashion accessory, note a few tips to remember so you know you get the right choice.


Cotton is very breathable, so you feel more comfortable with the air circulation offered by a cotton hoodie. However, a cotton-polyester blend is more likely to hold its shape, as cotton can easily get stretched or shrink in the wash. For your own fashion accessory, you might opt for cotton for maximum comfort but for a team whose hoodies are going to be laundered more frequently, a cotton-poly blend can be the better choice.

Spandex is also often added to cotton to help it hold its shape, so this too might be a good choice for team jerseys when you know the hoodie will be sent through the wash repeatedly. Be sure you choose a roomy size when choosing a cotton and spandex blend, as the clingy material of spandex might make the hoodie a bit smaller than you would expect.

Zip or pullover

Being able to pull over the hoodie can mean more protection from the elements, as there may be less of a gap between the front of the jersey and the hoodie itself versus one that zips up the front. This can be good for players on field who want to keep their necks warm and dry from inclement weather. For your own fashion choice, a pullover is difficult to easily remove when you're out and about, so you might opt for a zipper. Also, note that the zipper can interfere with the logo on the front of the hoodie, so this too can be a reason to choose a pullover for an actual team, as you want the logo to be very clear and distinct when worn on the field.

Lace or no lace

A lace for the hoodie itself can get bunched up or lost in the wash, so it might not be good for team players since their hoodies will probably be washed more often than one you buy for yourself. Since players will still want to easily follow the action on the field even when on the sidelines, they may not even want to lace up the hoodie very closely, so choose a type with no lace around the cap area.


22 July 2016

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