How to Maintain the Validity of Your LED Lighting Warranty


When most people are given a warranty after they have purchased their LED lighting products, they normally consider that to be an unnecessary business takeaway. After all, they already have what they wanted! It is until they start experiencing problems with the products that it comes to mind that they have a warranty for it.

Warranties for LED lighting products, be it lighting fixtures or accessories, often contain product information as well as terms and conditions that most buyers do not usually bother to read and understand until the products they have purchased break down later on. In the end, these buyers complain that the seller did not keep their end of the bargain when the product warranty is rendered void.

Here are a few useful tips to help you keep your LED lighting warranty valid until its expiration period:

Tip #1: Part of the reason why your warranty may be rendered void is when that the card was not signed and/or stamped by the seller on the day of purchase. This is a common mistake that many people often commit when purchasing their products. Once they are convinced that they are getting a good deal, many buyers often pay and walk out of the electronic dealer's shop without even ensuring that the right serial number is written on the card. If it is the last thing you do, make sure the warranty card is correctly filled and stamped before making your way out.

Tip #2: Planning to buy an LED lamp or any other LED lighting product for your buddy as a present? If so, be careful not to have it billed in your name as the lamp or product will be used by a different individual. The blunder here is that if you let the seller write the bill in your name, then the user will not be entitled to use the warranty as it does not contain their name. And, as the purchaser, you will not be able to explain the nature of the defect because you were not the one using it.

Tip #3: In the product manual are instructions and guidelines on how you should use the LED lighting products you have purchased. If you do not comply with these while the products are in your care, then the warranty may be cancelled.

Tip #4: Also, remember that business laws differ from country to country. So, if you are importing LED lighting products from a foreign market, check if the warranty is binding in your country of residence as well. 


8 February 2016

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